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Exercise and Weight Benches


Exercise benches are an essential part of any gym! They serve many purposes and come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Below you'll find some information about the benches we recommend! First, here's a quick summary of the different styles:

  • Flat Bench Exactly as it sounds. This style of bench has a flat backpad, parallel to the ground and does not have any frills or other features.
  • FID Bench By far the most popular style. Let's break this one down. F - Flat, I - Incline, D - Decline. FID Benches are adjustable! They can come with a minimum of (3) backpad settings all the way up to 7 or 8! An FI Bench would only offer flat or incline settings, while and FID bench would offer the full gamut.
  • Utility Stool/Utility Bench These generally come at a 90-degree upright position. They may or may not have foot hold downs out in front of the bench. These are great for military presses, concentration curls, or anything from a normal seated position.
  • Folding Benches Folding benches are perfect for residential use in home gyms or other smaller spaces. They will fold up and be easier to store and move around!
  • Optional Attachments Many benches offer leg developer or preacher curl attachments. This should factor in to your decision making as it can certainly help save space in your gym. You wouldn't have to buy another piece of equipment to get the same exercises in.

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