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Pro 6 Fitness

Pro 6 Arcadia Manual Treadmill

The Pro 6 Fitness Arcadia Manual Treadmill features an innovative curved deck that is completely controlled by the movements and force of the athlete using it. It is also one of the only non-motorized treadmills on the market that offers adjustable resistance.

The Pro6 Arcadia Air Runner offers one-of-a-kind workout experiences while creating the nearest simulation of genuine road running.

Key Features

  • Commercial Grate Heavy Duty Frame
  • (6) Levels of Resistance
  • Completely Electricity Free
  • Promotes natural running stride
  • 72.5" L x 30.5" W x 61.5" H

Pro 6 Fitness Aspen Stairmill

The Pro 6 Aspen Stairmill is a revolving staircase product that provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout for the user regardless of their level of fitness.

The Pro 6 Aspen StairMill Machine combines durability and a stream lined feature set for light industrial and home use applications.

Key Features

  • User Controller Variable Pace
  • Motorless, electromagnetic braking system
  • Max Speed: 120 steps per minute
  • 44" L x 26" W x 68" H

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