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Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machines

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines - isolate your legs biggest muscles

Leg extension and leg curl machines provide a highly targeted approach to building your leg muscles. Both of these movements are an important part of any leg development workout program. 

Both leg extension and leg curl machines (also known as hamstring curl machines) come in two different loading styles: selectorized or plate loaded. Selectorized leg extension and leg curl machines come with a built in weight stack with - you guessed, selectable weight plate increments. Plate loaded leg extension and leg curl machines are loaded with weight plates as the user sees fit. 

Leg extension machines target one muscle group, the quadriceps. This is the largest muscle on the human body and has four different parts. A leg extension is a great way to target and isolate your quads either independently or together. 

Leg curl machines will target your hamstrings - an equally important muscle in your posterior chain (on the back of your leg). Leg curl machines will also have the option of prone or seated. Prone leg extension is done from a lying position, face down. Seated leg extension will done from an upright, seated position. 

Due to the size of these machines and their single movement capabilities, they are not always feasible for use in small home gyms. Luckily, there are also combination leg extension and leg curl machines available. These machines are great for space conscious users looking to maximize their gym's footprint. 

Combination or dual function leg extension and leg curl machines feature the option to switch from one exercise to the other with relative ease. 

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