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Squat Machines

Front Squat, Leverage Squat, Squat Press Machines and Sissy Squat Benches for Sale

The squat, as a movement, is one of the most integral part of developing strong legs. Squat machines are an ideal way to insert different variations of a squat into your workout routine. All the benefits of a traditional squat without any of the risk of using free weights. There are a couple kinds of squat machines you can get:

  • Front Squat Machine: Equipped with an angled platform and padded shoulder rests and backrests, a squat press machine offers supreme comfort. At the same time, you can lift heavy, packing on the plates, while getting an optimal angle of movement with your squat. With this machine, you lean back into the machine, taking the pressure off your spine, and let your legs do all the work.
  • Leverage Squat and Calf Machine: This machine has you standing straight up, with padded shoulder rests and either a weight stack or a place for plates. And while all of these machines can double as a calf raise machine, nothing beats this machine for giving you the best calf workout of your life. By providing a thin platform to put your toes on, the leverage squat and calf machine allows your heels to go past parallel at the bottom, giving you a nice stretch of the calves.
  • Hack Squat Machines:A hack squat machine is essentially the leg press version of a squat. This movement mimics the squat, usually at an angle between 30-deg to 60-deg. It is locked into a track with roller bearings or ball bearings providing a ton of stability to the movement. Hack squat machines are almost always plate loaded.
  • Hack Squat Combo Machines: Hack squat and leg press combo machines are the bread and butter leg developer for any home gym. Space efficient and dual function - get he best of squats and leg presses in one combo machine. 
  • Squat Press Machines: These unique machines can be used for squats, presses or to replicate the "thruster" full body movement. 
  • Sissy Squat Benches:These interesting little pieces of equipment allow you to perform sissy squats safely. The sissy squat is a typically unweighted movement, where you lean backwards as you squat down to the ground. With a sissy squat bench, you can do this while protecting your knees and removes the need to balance. You’d have to focus a lot of your effort in balancing if you simply do sissy squats without a bench. With a bench, all you have to do is squat.


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