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The Best Functional Trainers of 2021

Now that you know everything about functional trainers (and if you don’t, you can learn by reading our Ultimate Guide), you’re probably wondering which functional trainer is the best for your workout purposes.

Fear not because we have a definitive guide of the top-rated cable machines available in 2021. Below, you’ll find the seven best functional trainers you can buy. For each, we give you the specifications, including current price, top features, dimensions, what to add, whether it’s commercial-grade or not,  and warranties. Look through all of the functional trainer reviews in this list and make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

Since COVID has greatly affected inventory levels and availability, this has been taken into account when ranking these products. 

Steelflex CLDCC Functional Trainer

Top Features:Made of heavy 13-gauge steel, this functional trainer’s frame is coated with a very dark gray/black finish that matches the Steelflex plate loaded equipment.

What’s more, this bad boy has everything in terms of accessories and attachments. It comes with a tricep rope, a low row bar, an ankle strap, two single handles with multiple attachment settings, and a built-in multi-grip chin-up bar. There is also the ability to add 50lbs of add-on weights per side, which increases the dual weight stack from 150 pounds each to 200 pounds apiece. Pair with the Steelflex NFID adjustable bench and you have yourself infinite versatility.

The adjustable cable column pulleys have 18 different height positions, with the flexible nylon-coated strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 pounds in tensile strength. 

What this means is you get extremely smooth movement and greater cable range of motion. The warranty is ten years for the frame, two years for the parts, and one year for the cables and pulleys.

Dimensions: 84 inches tall, 63 inches wide, 52 inches deep

Steelflex CLDCC Functional Trainer


Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer

Top Features:The weight stacks for the Powerline PFT100 goes up to 160 pounds each. (You can upgrade to 210 pounds.) It comes with a straight pull-up bar, but sadly it only equips you with two individual nylon cable hand straps. You would need to accessorize with additional attachments. Luckily, you can get them with the gym package on our site, which includes an adjustable bench, a triceps rope, two D rings, an EZ-bar, and a V ring. These allow you to access the entire litany of available exercises.

This functional trainer has a 10-year warranty on the Powerline frame, as well as a 1-year warranty on all the other parts. The vertically adjustable pulleys swivel smoothly with a 180-degree range of motion. Each pulley has 20 starting positions spaced 3.2 inches apart. And while the straps and potential additional attachments provide excellent variety, you can also get a bench or Bosu ball to facilitate even more variety.

Dimensions: 83 inches tall, 62.6 inches wide, 42.3 inches long 

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer

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XMark Fitness XM-7626 Functional Trainer

Top Features: This versatile piece of equipment has a lot of the common things you look for in a functional trainer. The weight stacks go up to 200 pounds, with quick-adjust pulleys that have 19 separate settings spaced at 3.5 inches each.

The accessories included are a pair of 8-inch hand straps, a pair of 17-inch long strap handles, a 23-inch tricep rope, a short bar, a 42-inch long bar, leg extension/leg curl straps, and an ankle strap. All things considered, this is a lot of accessories to be included with a functional trainer. As well, you can upgrade and grab a high-quality adjustable bench and a mat to give yourself even more variety

The mainframe is built with 11-gauge, two-inch by three-inch steel. Also, the pulley system and pull-up rig are both commercial-grade and extremely smooth.

Dimensions:83 inches tall, 65 inches wide, 43.5 inches long

XMark Fitness XM-7626 Functional Trainer

Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center

Top Features: This is our first of three total Body-Solid functional trainers. When it comes to the GDCC200, it’s advertised as a “home gym,” which is nice to know; they aren’t pining to commercial institutions, but rather the common person looking to create an at-home gym.

This model comes in three different weight stack loads: 160-pound stacks, 210-pound stacks, and 310-pound stacks. It has 20 independent height adjustments with 180-degree cable positioning, giving you frictionless resistance in all directions. As well, it’s made from commercial-grade, 11-gauge, two-inch by four-inch oval tubing, along with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish. The cables are 4.8mm-diameter spun steel aircraft cables, which are rated to withstand over 2500 pounds.

You can accessorize this functional trainer with the Body-Solid Accessory rack, which keeps all of your cable attachments together in one neat place. You can also grab the Body-Solid bar attachment that hooks up to both cables.

This functional trainer has Body-Solid’s exclusive lifetime in-home warranty, covering 100 percent of the machine, including normal wear items. It only comes with a few attachments, so you might have to grab a few more on the side. But overall, it gets most of the job done while reducing the overall footprint of your workout space.

Dimensions:83.8 inches tall, 78 inches wide, 42.3 inches long 

Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center

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Body-Solid GDCC210 Compact Functional Training Center

Top Features: This is the GDCC210, which is somewhat similar to the 200 while still making a name for itself.

For starters, it still has the lifetime warranty, as well as the 160-pound weight stacks that can be optionally upgraded to 210 pounds. (We strongly urge you to consider doing this no matter what; you never know how strong you’ll get!) One of the main differences is the space between the pulleys, or the space in the middle of the functional trainer. Seeing as this is a compact functional trainer, the space is 46 inches, not the 60 inches you get with the normal trainer. Plus, the overall width is a full foot shorter, making it ideal for cramped spaces.

A few other specs that both models have: a dual-position pull-up bar, high-density foam rubber hand grips and handles, high-density, injected molded end and foot caps, and a vertical carriage system that features fiberglass-reinforced nylon pulleys and locking universal attachment connections. In short, either Body-Solid functional trainer holds its own.

Dimensions:83.5 inches tall, 64 inches wide, 38 inches long

Body-Solid GDCC210 Compact Functional Training Center

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Valor Fitness BD-61 Plate Loaded Cable Machine

Top Features: This functional trainer sports 17 adjustable positions and a cable pulley system that moves with your body. Not only that, but it’s made from high-quality steel for a strong, durable unit, plus rubber base caps for stability and protection for your at-home gym floor. (You also have the option of mounting this cable crossover machine.)

Now, here is where things get really interesting. This cable crossover machine does NOT have a weight stack. What does this mean? It means you need Olympic plates to place onto the pulley system. And it’s a single pulley system where you can use one or both of the cables (or the middle cable that can be found near the ground or up at the top). So, obviously you’ll need to have some plates available to put on the double-bar track. It has a max weight load of 400 pounds, and it comes with Olympic adapter sleeves so it can have one-inch or two-inch pegs depending on your plates.

There’s a three-year warranty on the frame, as well as a one-year cable warranty. Complete with a two-bar pull-up station, this functional trainer is built a little differently than most, but that is reflected in the cost and dimensions. If you want to use Olympic plates and different cable positions that aren’t found on traditional trainers, definitely go with this one and save yourself some money.

Dimensions: 80 inches tall, 56 inches wide, 52 inches long

Valor Fitness BD-61 Plate Loaded Cable Machine

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Body-Solid Pro Clubline S2FT Functional Trainer

Top Features: This last Body-Solid functional trainer is the granddaddy of them all. It is commercial-grade; you may have seen this model in your local gym. This trainer has three different weight stack options, with different pricing. It also has 34 starting positions for both weight stacks, which is by far the most on this list. Plus, it comes with an integrated chin-up bar.

The distance between the pulleys is 63 inches, giving you plenty of space to perform whatever exercises you want. And you can do a ton of movements with all the accessories this trainer comes with; it includes a 43-inch revolving straight bar, a 20-inch straight bar, ankle straps, two nylon cable handles, and a 14-inch athletic bar.

The two-inch by three-inch 11-gauge steel frame, along with all of the included parts, is backed by a full commercial warranty, which is the best warranty on this list. If you want to go full-bore, you can add Body-Solid’s VDRA30-PACK Accessory Package, which is a selection of popular cable attachments prepackaged with a storage stand. And with a full commercial rating, you know you’re getting a high-quality piece of equipment, hence the premium price.

Dimensions:99 inches tall, 79.4 inches wide, 54 inches long

Body-Solid Pro Clubline S2FT Functional Trainer