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The 16 Best Leg Press Machines of 2023

Want to strengthen your leg muscles seriously? Look no further than the leg press machine! This essential equipment allows you to isolate and build your lower body during your workout. No wonder it's one of the commercial gyms' most popular leg strength machines. And now, with the option to add it to your gym, there's no more excuses to skip leg day.

Did you know that studies show that leg presses can positively affect your overall body composition, strength, and functional development (1)? Check out our list of leg press machines, choose the best one for you, and start harnessing these benefits.

What are the best leg press machines of 2023?

No leg workout is complete without a leg press machine, and many options exist. If you're in the market for a leg press machine for a commercial use or a home gym, read this! It'll save countless hours pouring through descriptions and reviews to find what works for you. 

Here's a comprehensive look into the best 16 leg press machines of 2023. We also discuss the different leg press machines and details to look for in a leg press machine as a buyer.

Our Picks for the Best Leg Press Machines of 2023:

  1. Best Overall Leg Press Machine: Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat Combo
  2. Best Commercial Leg Press Machine: York STS 35-Degree Leg Press
  3. Best Budget Leg Press: Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press 
  4. Best Leg Press for Home Gyms: Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat Combo 
  5. Best Horizontal Leg Press Machine: BodyKore GR631 Isolation Series Leg Press
  6. Best Vertical Leg Press Machine: Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
  7. Best Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Machine: Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat Combo  
  8. Best 45-Degree Leg Press: BodyKore G277 Leg Press
  9. Best Compact Leg Press: Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press 
  10. Best Seated Leg Press Machine: Body-Solid Pro Clubline SLP500G Seated Leg Press
  11. Best Leverage Leg Press: BodyKore GR808 Stack Series Leg Press
  12. Best Isolateral Leg Press: BodyKore FL1801 Isolateral Leg Press
  13. Best Budget Commercial Leg Press: SB Fitness SB-LP2500 Commercial Leg Press
  14. Best Budget Seated Leg Press: Body-Solid Pro Select GLP-STK Leg Press
  15. Honorable Mention: Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Leg Press
  16. Honorable Mention: Steelflex PLLP Leg Press

Table of Contents

What is a Leg Press Machine?

Types of Leg Press Machines

Resistance Mechanisms of Leg Press Machines

Benefits of Having a Leg Press in Your Home Or Facility

Leg Press Buyer's Guide

The 12 Best Leg Press Machines List



What Is a Leg Press Machine?

There’s a reason why the leg press routine has been tracked as far back as the 1920s. This exercise is a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and helps you burn fat (2)(3). You can do leg presses standing, seated, or lying back.

A leg press machine enables you to perform a leg press. Doing a leg press generates a lot of force, and you need sturdy equipment to handle that. A leg press machine supports your body as you do this exercise and bears the weight required for the routine.

Types of Leg Press Machines

Before purchasing one, knowing how the various leg press machines work is essential. Several options offer a slightly different way of doing the exercise. Looking at the similarities and differences between these machines can help you determine which best meets your needs. 

Traditional Leg Press Machine (35-deg or 45-deg)

These are the most typical leg press machines, and they position your back on a back pad with your feet on a foot plate at a 35 or 45-degree angle. This machine is popular because the angle, especially the 45-degree, makes it harder to push the load when compared to a horizontal leg press. It’s also more comfortable on the back and often uses free weights.

The 45-degree angle of this leg press targets all four heads of your quads, depending on your foot placement. You could even engage your glutes, hamstrings, and calves by doing a deep range of motion on this machine, and the resistance is the same throughout. 

Horizontal Leg Press Machine

The horizontal leg press machine is great for those avoiding back pain. The difference between this and the 45-degree leg press machine is that it has you in an almost upright sitting position. Most horizontal leg press machines use a cable system that raises and lowers the weights as you exercise. 

Vertical Leg Press Machine

With vertical leg presses, you lay flat on your back and push up against the footplate. It’s like a bench press, but with your legs, it applies the resistance straight up and down. Vertical leg press machines have a minimal footprint, which makes them great for home gyms as they occupy small space. However, they have a limited range of motion and low weight capacity.

Leverage Leg Press

The leverage leg press mimics a natural range of motion by using levers to apply resistance. They work horizontally; plate-loaded variation is common in many commercial gyms. Because of their horizontal design, leverage leg presses have a large footprint and might be better for a compact home gym.

However, these last longer because they don’t use glide rods, instead moving on a fulcrum point. They also hold more weight than the vertical or 45-degree leg press machines. But be wary that the leverage leg presses can be expensive. 

Resistance Mechanisms of Leg Press Machines

The resistance mechanism of a leg press machine is one of the significant differences to consider when buying one. It could impact your machine's space, cost, function, reliability, maintenance, and simplicity. Leg press machines can either be plate-loaded or selectorized.

Plate Loaded Resistance

Plate-loaded resistance leg presses have hooks where you can hang the weight plates. These plates provide resistance, and you can load as much or as little as you require. Most home gym owners choose plate-loaded leg presses because they can also use the plates for barbells and to do other routines.

Plate-loaded leg presses are more affordable as you may already have your weight plates, so you don’t need to pay for those. They’re versatile and flexible since you can drop the weight to lower levels. But these machines can be more brutal to load, especially if you're lifting heavy, and can thus be slower to use.

Selectorized Resistance

Selectorized leg presses are popular in commercial gyms and use weight stacks to provide resistance. You control your weight by putting a key or metal bar at that level. These machines are simple to use and make it easy to change your weight level.

Selectorized leg presses are beginner friendly, and you can quickly move the weight used up or down without interrupting your exercise for too long. These machines also are more compact. But they can't use a very high or meager weight with this machine, although they have a broad range. They, too, can be on the expensive side.

Benefits of Having a Leg Press in Your Home Or Facility

Buying a leg press has many benefits, whether choosing an option for your personal home gym or a commercial facility. Below are some important ones:

  • You can do leg workouts that are more effective and efficient with a leg press machine. It allows you to target multiple lower body muscles with just one machine.
  • Regular use of this machine increases your lower body strength, stability, and balance. 
  • A leg press machine allows users to target different muscles by changing their leg positions. 
  • Leg press machines can be used for warmups or heavy compound lifts. Some machines also allow you to do other exercises besides the leg press, making it versatile.
  • Using a leg press effectively helps lower your injury risk when doing other lower-body movements. 
  • Machines are considered safer than exercising with free weights.

The Leg Press Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Ready to buy a leg press? Here are other essential details to consider when making your purchase.


The goal is usually to aim for a machine that offers the features you need at a price you can afford. You can find leg press machines at different price ranges. For example, vertical leg press machines are the least expensive and require less space. Leverage leg press machines, on the other hand, tend to be in the mid-range, while cable designs are often the most expensive. Leg press machines with a hack squat combo feature offer the best value for money.

Space Requirements

Space is essential when buying a leg press machine, especially for those getting one for their home gym. Measuring the distance you have available is vital, and ensuring that the machine you get has dimensions that would fit in your home space when fully assembled. Compact leg press machines are great but often offer a low weight capacity. 

Construction Quality

A heavy-duty steel frame is best; powder coating will keep your machine looking clean and crisp for a long time. If your machine uses glide rods, check that it has linear ball bearings or nylon bushing — it could also be a combination of both. Cushioning with high-density foam and double-stitched upholstery is usually the best for comfort and durability.


A good leg press machine will offer quality warranties. Check for a lifetime warranty because it shows confidence in their product quality. Many companies will offer a lifetime warranty on the frames but limited options for the upholstery, so you should be wary and pick a favorable option.


The 16 Best Leg Press Machines of 2023

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press & Hack Squat

Best Overall Leg Press Machine | Best Leg Press Machine for Home Gyms | Best Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Machine

Best Overall Leg Press | Body-Solid GLPH1100

The Body-Solid GLPH 1100 is our best overall leg press machine for many reasons. This leg press and hack squat combo machine offers next-level comfort and safety while remaining compact with a small footprint. All you need to do is rotate the back support and adjust the footplate to get the hack squat feature.

This leg press machine isn’t lightweight despite being compact. This is why it's also our best option for home gyms on this list. It has chrome-plated guide rods that allow for a smoother leg press and can accommodate up to 1000 lbs, but it’s pricey compared to others on our list.

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 83" L x 34" W x 56" H
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Rated For: Home and Light Commercial Use

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Pros

  • Multi-function machine perfect for small commercial gyms or home gym owners
  • Heavy gauge footplate for secure leg press and hack squat
  • 1000lb weight capacity
  • Quad track roller system 
  • Safeties with three lockout positions
  • Full lifetime residential warranty

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Cons

  • Assembly might require more than one person.
  • Some users report that the footplate is too narrow
  • Can be a tough fit for users over 6'2"

Shop the Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

2. York Barbell STS 35-degree Leg Press


Best Commercial Leg Press | York STS 35-Deg Leg Press

The York STS 35-Degree Leg Press is our best commercial leg press machine. It has an extra wide, oversized footplate that can accommodate users of different sizes. It also has adjustable back seats that allow a wide range of motion.

The York STS can carry heavy loads up to 1200 lbs and comes with adjustable safety stops, making it safe for even extreme users. The built-in weight storage helps keep the weights off the gym floor, where they can become a safety hazard without needing another plate tree to take up space in your gym. The York STS Leg Press is a great addition to any commercial space.

York STS Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 98" L x 54.75" W x 56" H
  • Weight Capacity: 1,200lbs
  • Rated For: Full Commercial Use

York STS Leg Press Pros

  • Extra wide footplate to accommodate a wide number of users
  • Heavy linear bearing for smooth leg press movements
  • Built-in weight storage to keep the gym organized
  • High-weight capacity of 1200 lbs
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Adjustable safety stops

York STS Leg Press Cons

  • Assembly instructions are basically non-existent.
  • Large footprint

Shop the York Barbell STS 35-Degree Leg Press 54035 55035

Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press

Best Budget Leg Press | Best Compact Leg Press

Best Compact Leg Press | Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press

Body-Solid makes our list again with their GCLP100, which we find is the best compact leg press machine. This machine allows users to do calf raises as a nice combo feature. It has a small footprint, but it’s sturdy making it perfect for home use. It is almost a hybrid of a squat machine and a leg press.

The Body-Solid GCLP100 is fully adjustable with hand grips that lock the user into position, giving adequate back support. It can withstand 1000 lbs and has chrome-plated bearings that allow smooth movement, even at the heaviest weight. This machine is made of high-quality heavy gauge steel that guarantees reliability even with heavy use.

Body-Solid GCLP100 Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 67.1" L x 47.2" W x 46" H
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Rated For: Home and Light Commercial Use

Body-Solid GCLP100 Pros

  • Small and compact, making it perfect for home gyms and small spaces
  • Under $1,000 making it friendly to all budgets
  • Adjustable seat to fit users up to 7ft tall
  • It can take up to 1,000lbs
  • Larger footplates & heavy steel construction

Body-Solid GCLP100 Cons

  • Assembly might require more than one person.

Shop the Body-Solid GCLP100 Compact Leg Press

BodyKore GR631 Isolation Series Leg Press

Best Horizontal / Seated Leg Press

Best Horizontal Seated Leg Press | BodyKore GR631 Horizontal Leg Press

The BodyKore GR631 is our best horizontal leg press. This selectorized leg press machine has a heavy-duty welded frame and a hinged press plate for smooth movements and has a 200lb weight stack.

This machine has a nonslip footplate design and adjustable seats. The marine-grade upholstery is designed for comfort, and the seat back level is conveniently located. This machine also has a cup, key, or phone holder. You can't go wrong with this seated leg press machine.

BodyKore GR631 Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 67" L x 41" W x 65" H
  • Weight Stack: 220lbs
  • Rated For: Residential and Commercial Use

BodyKore GR631 Leg Press Pros

  • Non-slip footplate for security
  • Adjustable seating and footplate positions for a full range of motion
  • Stainless steel guide rods for smooth movement and durability
  • Hinged press plate for smooth movements

BodyKore GR631 Leg Press Cons

  • 220lbs weight stack is no upgradable.
  • A little pricey for the home gym market

Shop the BodyKore GR631 Leg Press

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Best Vertical Leg Press for Home Gyms

Best Vertical Leg Press | Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

The Powerline PVLP156X vertical leg press is made by Body-Solid and is our best-budget leg press for home gyms. It’s lightweight and comes with compact features. It’s a safer alternative to the Smith machine leg press as it comes with a footplate, so you don't have to worry about balancing the bar on your soles.

The Powerline PVLP156X is inexpensive and has a 10-year frame warranty and one year to replace parts. It has a powder coat finish for durability, and the footplate has no slip design. However, it’s made with a 1" plate, so you must buy an Olympic adapter sleeve.

Powerline PVLP156X Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 45" L x 47" W x 55" H
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Rated For: Residential Use Only

Powerline PVLP156X Leg Press Pros

  • Small footprint, perfect for home gyms and small spaces
  • Three locking points for safety
  • Extra thick and contoured back head and neck pad
  • Great price for those on a budget

Powerline PVLP156X Leg Press Cons

  • Residential use only
  • Olympic adapter sleeves sold separately
  • 400lb weight capacity is on the low end

Shop the Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

BodyKore G277 Signature Series Leg Press Machine

Best 45-Degree Leg Press Machine

Best 45-Degree Leg Press | BodyKore G277 Leg Press

The BodyKore G277 leg press is our best 45-degree leg press machine because, while pricey, it offers insanely great features. This machine lives up to the hype with six Olympic-weight storage posts for easy weight access and heavy-duty linear bearings for smooth movements. Also, it comes with safety locking points that eliminate the need for a spotter.

Moreover, the extra wide footplate feature of this BodyKore machine has two press angles. The seats are adjustable to increase the range of motion, and it has an extra plate loading peg to hit maximum load with a weight capacity of 900 lbs.

BodyKore G277 Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 83" L x 64" W x 47" H
  • Weight Capacity: 900lbs
  • Rated For: Commercial Use

BodyKore G277 Leg Press Pros

  • Wide range of seat adjustments for maximum range of motion
  • Heavy-duty linear bearings for smooth movements
  • Extra wide footplate with two press angles
  • Safety locking points, so there is no need for a spotter

BodyKore G277 Leg Press Cons

  • On the expensive side
  • Large footprint, not ideal for small spaces

Shop the BodyKore G277 Signature Leg Press

Body-Solid Pro Clubline SLP500G Leg Press

Best Seated Leg Press Machine

Best Seated Leg Press | Body Solid SLP500G Leg Press

This Body-Solid SLP500G boasts a pivot point with sophisticated pillow block and sealed ball-bearings for precision alignment and friction-free movement. The machine was designed to reduce spinal compression while allowing full range-of-motion in a natural biomechanical movement.

The back pad is fully adjustable and made of high grade DuraFirm™ foam, which is extra-tough and tear-resistant. The press plate was ergonomically designed for users of all sizes to get a complete leg and calf workout.

Body-Solid SLP500G Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 75" L x 40" W x 72" H
  • Weight Stack: 210lbs or 310lbs
  • Rated For: Commercial Use

Body-Solid SLP500G Leg Press Pros

  • Fully adjustable back pad position allowing for a wide range of users
  • Highly polished, chrome plated steel guide rods for smooth movement through full ROM
  • Selectorized weight stack for easy load choice
  • Lifetime In-Home Warranty

Body-Solid SLP500G Leg Press Cons

  • On the expensive side
  • Large footprint, not ideal for small spaces

Shop the Body-Solid Pro Clubline SLP500G Leg Press

BodyKore GR808 Stacked Series Leverage Leg Press

Best Leverage Leg Press

Best Leverage Leg Press | BodyKore GR808 Stacked Leverage Leg Press

The BodyKore GR808 is an excellent choice if you're looking for a leverage leg press (aka a 'squat press' machine). This heavy-duty machine has two weight-loading pegs and a large nonslip footplate. The assistance footplate handle eases entry and exit.

The BodyKore GR808 has a powder coat finish for durability and a back pad with four adjustable positions. Plus, the cushions are contoured and made with molded foam for superior comfort and support. This exercise machine has a large footprint and a maximum weight capacity of 525 lbs. This may sound low but is in range with all leverage leg press machines.

BodyKore GR808 Leg Press Spec Overview

  • Dimensions: 88" L x 69" W x 59" H
  • Weight Capacity: 525lbs
  • Rated For: Commercial Use

BodyKore GR808 Leg Press Pros

  • Large nonslip footplate with assistance handles for entry and exit
  • Adjustable seat with four positions
  • The more natural range of motion is great for the spine.

BodyKore GR808 Leg Press Cons

  • Large footprint, not ideal for small spaces
  • Only 525lbs weight capacity

Shop the BodyKore GR808 Leg Press

Steelflex PLDP Plate Loaded Decline Leg Press


The Steelflex PLDP Plate Loaded Decline Leg Press is another solid choice for a plate-loaded machine. It has a 12 gauge steel frame with an electro-statically applied powder coat, and industrial rated bearings that are sealed at all pivot points. With this machine, springs make it easy to make adjustments to the seat and weight.

Top leg press machines 2021

Shop the Steelflex PLDP Plate Loaded Decline Leg Press

Steelflex Plate Loaded Leg Press PLLP


The Steelflex PLLP Leg Press is a high-performance leg press machine that can press up to 500lbs. Its back pad adjusts to angles of 114 degrees, 121 degrees, and 127 degrees.

Like the other Steelflex model listed at #4, this machine has an electro-statically applied powder coat, industrial rated bearings, sealed bearings at all pivot points, and springs that make adjustments quick and easy.

Top leg press machines 2021

Shop the Steelflex PLLP Plate Loaded Leg Press

Best Leg Press Machine Wrap Up

Leg press machines are worthy investments that can take a basic commercial or home gym setup and make it outstanding. They’re highly beneficial for strength training routines to target your legs. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward version or a hack squat combo, there’s a machine for you.

Is a Leg Press Machine Worth The Money?

A leg press machine is a valuable investment for those seeking to build their lower body with more than just deadlifts and squats. It provides an effective and safe way to do leg exercises and is proven by research to help build muscle mass and strength in your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. This machine in your gym is a great way to keep your workouts exciting and varied.

Buying a leg press depends on your budget, experience level, and many other factors. That's why we've included up to 12 options to tick as many boxes as possible. Whether new to weightlifting or experienced, you'll find a machine that meets your needs in this list.

Best Overall Leg Press: Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

The Body-Solid GLPH1100 is our best overall leg press because it’s versatile, affordable, and has a great warranty. This machine allows for multiple exercises and has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. Its compact footprint and dual functionality offers enough features to justify the price range for all buyers.