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SB Fitness Equipment

SB Fitness Manual Treadmills and Strength Equipment

SB Fitness equipment is a fitness equipment manufacturer based in Coudersport, PA. Their first product, the CT400 Curved Manual Treadmill came out in 2020 and they haven't looked back!

SB Fitness Curved Manual Treadmills

SB Fitness CT400 Curved Manual Treadmill

SB Fitness CT400 Manual Treadmill

Incredible performance at an affordable price - that's what you get with the CT400! Perfect for your garage gym or small training space.


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SB Fitness CT700 Commercial Curved Manual Treadmill

SB Fitness CT700 Manual Treadmill

More robust than the CT400, the CT700 is a manual treadmill targeted for commercial spaces, personal trainers, and crossfit gyms!


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SB Fitness Strength Equipment

SB Fitness SB-LP2500 Commercial Leg Press

SB Fitness Commercial Leg Press

A fully featured leg press with a 1,200lb capacity. Assembly is a breeze and your quads will be jacked in no time.


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SB Fitness SB-PC500 Preacher Curl Bench

SB Fitness Preacher Curl Bench

This preacher curl is a beautiful piece! Commercially rated, and warranted - you can't go wrong here.


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SB Fitness SB-HR1500 Half Rack

SB Fitness Half Rack

The SB Fitness half rack is a beast! Complete with weight sotrage, a landmine attachment, band pegs, spotter arms, pullup station and more..


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SB Fitness SB-PR1000 Power Rack

SB Fitness Power Rack

A simple but durable power rack, the SB-PR1000 is a steal under $1,200.


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