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Functional Trainers

A functional trainer is fantastic for all-in-one gym setups and overall fitness. One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can get, functional trainers include weight stacks, pull-up bars, pulley systems to give you consistent load throughout your movements, and various accessories to attach to the cables. What you get is a full-body workout that’s durable and can help you progressively overload your workouts easily. 

The most common version, functional trainers normally take up less space than cable crossover machines while giving you similar options for working out. They still have a pull-up bar, as well as weight stacks and adjustable cable angles for all of your strength training needs.

Still not sure what a functional trainer is, or why you should have one in your gym?

We've put together a useful resource to learn all about functional trainers: The Ultimate Guide to Functional Trainers. Give this a read and you'll be sure of all the benefits of having one in your gym.

We've also ranked the best functional trainers for sale based on quality, features, price, warranty, and feedback from our customers! Take a look at the list, here: The Best Functional Trainers of 2021