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Body-Solid is one of the market leaders for both home and commercial gym equipment. They offer everything from full gym systems, free weights, machines, cardio equipment and accessories! 

Body-Solid has (7) different product lines ranging from residential pieces for beginners and budget friendly all the up through fully commercial equipment for the most used and abused facilities!


Best Fitness

Best Fitness is Body-Solid's residential product set most suitable for beginners! These products don't have large weight capacities or extended warranties, but are perfect for people just starting out. Many of the product feature folding or space conscious designs.

Best Fitness is committed to providing our customers with machines and equipment tailored to your everyday needs for easy-to-do workouts and easy-to-achieve results.




The Endurance by Body-Solid series is your go-to for cardio equipment. These exceptional machines are built to challenge you to a lifetime of cardio fitness that fit your schedule, your lifestyle... your home.


Pro Clubline

Pro Dual

Body-Solid Tools


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