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Golden Designs Inc Saunas

Golden Designs Infrared Saunas and Traditional Steam Saunas

Nowadays recovery is a hot buzz word in the fitness industry. However, it actually is a super important part of every diet and exercise program - and should be prioritized!

Golden Designs saunas can help to improve your overall health, wellness and performance when added into your current routine. After intense physical activity, saunas can aid in your recovery by relaxing muscles and soothing minor aches and pains.

Other benefits of consistent sauna use are: improved brain health, stress relief, and deeper sleep! Who doesn't want those? 

Why Golden Designs saunas? Well, they have both infrared and traditional steam saunas to choose from. All models a simple design that allows for easy assembly. They're also backed by a great warranty.

Find the Golden Designs sauna that's perfect for you and purchase it today. In just a few 15-45 minute sauna sessions per week, your well-being will be upgraded!

Golden Designs Inc Infrared Saunas

Monte Carlo Elite PureTech Infrared Sauna

Monaco Elite PureTech Infrared Sauna

Golden Designs Inc Traditional Saunas

Golden Designs Sauna Overview and Assembly Videos

Golden Designs Sauna Delivery Videos

Golden Designs has created some videos of the ideal freight delivery! These can be useful for customers that are unfamiliar with freight/LTL or curbside delivery methods.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that the driver will move the pallet past the curb. Some are more courteous than others, but it is technically not their responsibility. More often than not, the pallet will be left in the street, right at the driveway's edge.

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