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Cardio Equipment

Cardio is a foundational type of exercise for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Cardio helps you maintain a healthy weight and is important for your cardiovascular system. It can also help decrease blood pressure, improve your mood, and help you sleep, all the more reason to buy a piece of cardio equipment! 

Here are some of the most popular types: 

  • Elliptical machines, also known as elliptical trainers or cross trainers, are another very popular stationary cardio machine that can be used by all levels. The user places their feet on two large pedals that move in a way that simulates walking, climbing, or running. Handrails on either side allow for arm involvement, making this an efficient way to get a full body workout.

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  • Exercise or stationary bikes are a safe and accessible option where the muscles of the lower body power the bike for a low-impact but challenging workout. Stationary bikes can be tailored to any fitness needs, since the user can adjust pace and resistance. Additionally, recumbent bikes have more comfortable and supportive seat options so that the user can remain seated- which is great for anyone with an injury or limited mobility. 
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  • Treadmills are an extremely common piece of cardio equipment in both home and commercial gyms. Treadmills involve a motorized belt that allows the user to simply walk, jog, or run in place. Speed and resistance can be adjusted, and most treadmills are going to come with handrails and other safety features that make them an accessible option for any fitness need. 

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  • Rope trainers are also called “rope climbing simulators” which gives you a pretty good idea of how they work! This multi-functional cardio machine consists of a “never-ending” rope that the user pulls. The machine meets you with the perfect amount of resistance and builds strength while getting the heart rate up. 

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  • Rowers are truly a full body experience. Rowers are intended to provide the same workout that you might get from rowing a boat and involve a seat that slides up and down the frame. The user straps their feet into footplates and grips an “oar” with their hands. This effective workout will help you build stamina quickly! 

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  • Stair climbers, continuous cardio machines or Jacob’s Ladders mimic the movement of walking up stairs or climbing a ladder. These machines have rungs or stairs that the user walks or climbs up, with resistance that can be added to increase intensity. 

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You can get cardio in with no equipment, but having a cardio machine at home or in your gym guarantees that you’ll be able to get your heart rate up at any time of day or night that is most convenient.

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