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What is LTL/Freight Shipping?

This page is designed to educate our customers on freight shipping and what to expect during the shipping process and at the time of delivery.

What is Freight Shipping?

Freight shipping is meant for orders larger than "parcel" (think UPS, FedEx or USPS) that cannot be shipped via normal ground shipping methods. Usually, if your order is over 150lbs, it will ship via freight/less-than-truck load (LTL).

This means that your order will be loaded onto one or more pallets (depending on the size of the order) and shipped on a full size truck. 

How do I know if my order ships freight?

If an item ships freight, there will be a checkmark under the pricing that says "Ships LTL/Freight, Curbside Delivery" or a similar phrase. Many mutli-piece orders can ship freight as well, especially if they total over 150lbs - think a bunch of weight plates or a dumbbell set!

If you're unsure, don't hesistate to chat, email or call in and ask about your order!

What is a liftgate? 

Standard with curbside delivery, is the requirement for the customer to climb into the truck and unload the pallet and all boxes for the order themselves - from the height of the truck!

A liftgate can be used by the truck driver to take the pallet off the truck and lower it to the ground level. 

We include a lift gate on most freight orders - so climbing into the truck is not something that will be required. 

How do I know liftgate use is included with my order?

If your order includes liftgate, there will be a checkmark on the item page that says "Liftgate Included". We include the liftgate on most freight orders.

Some exceptions are dumbbell packages or weight packages. You can request we add liftgate to these orders by contacting us. There is an additional cost.   

How do I set up my delivery appointment?

Once your product arrives at the final terminal, the freight company will call you to set a delivery appointment. This is usually a 4-hour window on the given appointment date you set. It is important to provide us with a valid phone number at the time of ordering to ensure this goes smoothly!

Someone must be present at the time of delivery to receive the shipment in. They must sign for the pallet and make sure there is no damage. 

How are freight/LTL shipments delivered?

Freight shipments are delivered in a manner called "curbside delivery." This means that the freight carrier will deliver the pallet to your curbside. This is generally the end of your driveway. The freight carrier is not responsible for brining the pallet up your drive way or onto your property in any way. They definitely are not responsible for bringing the order inside either!


The picture above is an example of an EXM3000LPS delivery! It is a large order with many boxes, dropped curbside, just as expected. Don't be worried by the disheveled shrink wrap - if anything gets damaged or is missing - we'll replace it!


Curbside Delivery Example 1

This picture above is a much smaller order. The delivery driver was very courteous and helped move the pallet out of the street with the help of a hand truck. This is not necessarily to be expected. Especially on larger orders that cannot be moved so easily!

What happens if there's damage to my order?

While not common, it can happen where the freight carrier damages some of the boxes in your shipment.

Please take as many pictures as possible, and let us know right away. You can also proactively email us those pictures. 

Please note this damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL) at the time of delivery. The BOL is the paper that you sign when you accept the delivery. Always note as much as you can here. 

Our first step in resolving damages will be to figure out if any parts are missing or damaged. From there, we will absolutely get you any missing or damaged parts to ensure you have a fully functional brand new product.