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Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Benches | Product Comparison

Body-Solid Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Benches

What's the difference between the Body-Solid Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Benches? - Here's your answer!

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the Body-Solid Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Benches.

Body-Solid is one of the premier names in home and commercial fitness for the last 20+ years. Their product offering covers every segment from budget-conscious residential all the way up through full commercial facilities. 

The Powerline by Body-Solid segment is perfect for home users, while the "G Series" products, recognized by the G at the beginning of their product number, are incredible for residential or light commercial facilities. 

While Body-Solid has more than 10 weight bench options to choose from, we consistently get asked about these the folding FID benches: the Powerline PFID125X and the Body-Solid GFID225. 

Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Similarities

Both of these folding benches are best sellers in the category and share many similar features perfect for home gym buyers.

The PFID125X and the GFID225 are folding adjustable benches. This means that, while not in use, the bench can be folded up to store or move out of the way in your space. This feature makes folding weight benches extremely popular with people that use smaller residential spaces as their gym (ie half of a garage or a spare bedroom turned office gym!).

Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Benches
Powerline PFID125X (left) vs Body-Solid GFID225 (right) Benches in Folded Positions

In terms of adjustability, these two models both have (7) different back pad adjustment settings. They range from decline to flat to incline, and every spot in between. 

The benches have a simple ladder catch style adjustment system for the back pad. One downside to the PFID125X or GFID225 is that neither has an adjustable seat pad. 

Body-Solid GFID225 Folding Bench Ladder Catch System
Ladder Catch System and Transport Wheels on the Body-Solid GFID225

Transport wheels are a feature on both folding benches, adding in another benefit to their portability.

One of the biggest benefits to ordering either the PFID125X or the GFID225 is that they come pre-assembled! That's right - open the box, remove the plastic wrapping and you're good to go. 


Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Differences

Key Difference #1 - The Size and Build

The Body-Solid GFID225 is bigger than the Powerline PFID125X. This does not come as a surprise, since the PFID125X is in the Powerline range designed only for residential use.

The Body-Solid GFID225 has thicker 2" x 3" frame constructed with 11-gauge steel while the Powerline PFID125X has a 2" x 2" frame constructed with 12-gauge steel.

The GFID225's back pad is 0.5" thicker than PFID125X, giving it a slight edge on cushioning. Since the GFID225 has a thicker back pad, it also has a taller height: an 18.5" back pad height (ie distance off the ground when flat), while the PFID125X is 0.5" shorter.

One category where the Powerline PFID125X edges out the GFID225 is back pad width. It features a 10" wide backpad vs the GFID225's 9.5" wide pad. 

The slightly smaller features of the PFID125X gives is an overall dimension of 59" L x 19" W x 17" H compared to the 60" L x 18" W x 19" H of the GFID225.

The more robust construction of the GFID225 makes it slightly heavier (53lbs) than the PFID125X (45lbs). Not a bad trade off in the end.

We know some of these numbers can be hard to read and keep track of in paragraph form, so we've included an easy to read and compare chart at the end of the article!

Key Difference #2 - Weight Capacity

The main factor of a bench's weight capacity is the overall build of the unit. It's not a shock that the GFID225 beats the PFID125X in this category.

The Body-Solid GFID225 has a weight capacity of 600lbs, with the Powerline PFID125X only has a capacity of 500lbs.

Keep in mind, weight capacity includes the weight of the user plus any added weight used for exercise.

Key Difference #3 - Decline Angle

The Body-Solid GFID225 has a decline angle of -15 degrees. This is not as steep of a decline as the Powerline PFID125X's -18 degree decline setting.

This does not seem to be much of a difference, but for some it is certainly a number to keep your eye on.

Key Difference #4 - Warranty

Each Body-Solid product line has a different warranty, and that's the case here. 

The Powerline PFID125X is backed by the "Powerline 10 Year Warranty" for residential use. The covers the frame for 10 years and all other parts and pieces for 1 year. 

The Body-Solid GFID225 is the clear winner in this category when buying a bench for home use. The main Body-Solid product line carries a "lifetime in-home warranty" which covers absolutely everything for the life of the product (excluding normal wear and tear). 

The GFID225 is also covered for "light commercial" use by a separate warranty. This features lifetime coverage on the frame, 3 years on parts, and 1 year on upholstery, normal wear and tear excluded. 

Light commercial use is defined by Body-Solid as facilities that DO NOT charge monthly membership dues and where the equipment would not be used by more than 50 people a day.

Example light commercial facilities include: hotels, apartments, condominiums, personal training studios, police and fire stations.


Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Comparison Chart


Powerline PFID125X

Body-Solid GFID225

Assembled Dimensions 59" L x 19" W x 17" H 60" L x 18" W x 19" H
Folded Dimensions 59" L x 19" W x 9" H 57" L x 18" W x 10" H
Weight 45lbs 53lbs
Weight Capacity 500lbs 600lbs
Frame Size & Gauge 
2" x 2"
12 Gauge
2" x 3"
11 Gauge
Back Pad Adjustment Settings 7 7
Seat Pad Adjustment Settings
Adjustment Style Ladder  Ladder
Transport Wheels
Decline Angle
-18 Degrees -15 Degrees
Pad Height 18" 18.5"
Back Pad Width 10" 9.5"
Pad Thickness 2" 2.5"
Ships Assembled
Warranty Powerline 10 Year Lifetime In-Home
Light Commercial
Price $266 $348

Powerline PFID125X vs Body-Solid GFID225 Conclusion

Either one of these benches will suit your needs if you're nowhere near a 500lb weight capacity limit. Both are fully featured adjustable weight benches and will stand the test of time in your residential space. 

If you're in a more commercial setting, we definitely recommend the Body-Solid GFID225 due to the warranty coverage and more robust frame.

If you've decided on one of these models, check out the links below: