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Smith Machines

A Smith machine, or Smith gym, is perfect for lifting heavy while keeping yourself protected from injuries. Smith machines are essentially boxes made out of durable metal that not only has security measures that keep you from crushing your body with a weighted barbell, but also saves others from getting hit by said barbell. On top of that, a Smith machine gym has a barbell bolted into the framework, complete with two curved holds on the bar and multiple bolts up and down the vertical poles, giving you the ability to stop your rep at any point in the movement.

It’s basically a barbell attached to a power rack, creating a linear plane of motion that assists you with your lifts. You load the bar up with external weights and you can keep yourself safe during your workout because the Smith Machine allows you to twist the bar and secure it in place. This is an option for those looking to get into free weights but wants that extra security.

If you pair your Smith machine with a high-quality workout bench, you can also do all sorts of presswork safely and in a linear plane of motion. You can do all of your free weight exercises with this machine, including squats and squat varieties, chest press at any angle, military press, strict deadlifts, standing shoulder press, and barbell shrugs. In short, it’s a complete gym, all in one.