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The 2022 Home Gym Holiday Gift Guide

The Home Gym Holiday Gift Guide

Top Gifts for Home Gyms

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the home gym enthusiast in your life? Look no further! The 2022 Home Gym Holiday Gift Guide has got you covered. From top of the line gym packages to essential recovery gear, we've got you covered. So read on and find the perfect present for the gym lover in your life.

Body-Solid Basic Garage Gym Power Rack Package SPR1000

1. Body-Solid Basic Garage Gym Power Rack Package

Hit the ground lifting with the Body-Solid Basic Garage Gym Power Rack Package. It is our recommended GO TO for starting out your home gym. It comes with all of the basics to get you headed towards massive gains in your strength and overall fitness level.

This bundle comes with a sturdy, well built power rack, an olympic barbell and plenty of USA made bumper plates!

Price: from $1,379

View the Body-Solid Basic Garage Gym Package

MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells

2. MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells

The MX Select adjustable dumbbells are some of the best on the market. These bad boys come in more options than they used to - the MX30, MX55 and MX85 - each topping out at their respective 30lbs, 55lbs and 85lbs per dumbbell. 

These adjustables are significantly cheaper than buying an entire set. They're easy to use, and take up just a small amount of space in your gym.

They're super well made with an all-metal change mechanic. You'll never have to worry about cheap plastic parts breaking and leaving you dumbbell-less! Plus, they have an all new black look - sleek, stylish and functional/

Price: from $399

Body-Solid Tools Landmine Bundle Package

3. Body-Solid Tools Landmine Bundle

You want versatility? This. Is. It.

A landmine is quite possible the #1 home gym ESSENTIAL. This little piece of equipment along with a little bit of imagination can take your garage gym to the next level.

Price: $199

View the Body-Solid Landmine Bundle

NIMBL XPRS Percussion Massage Gun With Attachment Heads

4. Nimbl XPRS Percussion Massage Gun

It took a long time to get here, but recovery is finally being emphasize as part of overall wellness and training regiments. This budget friendly massage gun is a perfect gift for the person that is busting their butt day in and day out.

The XPRS is specially designed for ease-of-use on yourself. It comes complete with a travel case and 5 interchangeable massage heads. 

Price: $199

Learn More about the Nimbl XPRS

York Barbell Resistance Bands

5. York Barbell Resistance Bands

York's brand new resistance bands are some of our favorites. They're high quality bands suitable for all fitness levels.

These should be a staple in every home gym. You can use them for warm-ups, mobility work, and all kinds of training assistance. Unique to these York bans bands, the resistance weight range is printed right on the band! No more guessing which band to grab. 

Price: from $19.99

View the York Resistance Bands

Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush Bar Cleaner

6. Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush Cleaner

The Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush Cleaner is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a home gym. This handy little tool quickly and easily cleans barbells, dumbbells, and other weightlifting equipment, so your workout area stays neat and tidy. The Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush Cleaner is also a great value, making it the perfect choice for anyone on a budget.

Price: $56.99

Pick up a Barbell Rescue

First Degree Fitness Viking Pro V Fluid Rower

7. First Degree Fitness Viking Pro V Fluid Rower

Rowers have become a staple in many modern training methods, as they offer an incredibly effective workout that targets multiple muscle groups. And while all rowers are great, the Viking Pro V takes things to a whole new level.

This machine is built like a tank while remaining aestectichally pleasing - perfect for a home gym. The twin tank design and Fluid Force technology of First Degree rowers creates zero dead spots, ensuring a smooth and natural rowing experience with every use. The Viking Pro V has adjustable resistance to fit your fitness level and can store upright, out of the way - making it an awesome option for any home gym.

Additionally, the advanced console abilities allow users to automatically correlate chosen tank resistance levels with performance monitor parameters, making it easier than ever to track progress and smash personal bests.

Price: $1899.00

Learn More About the Viking Pro V

Body-Solid Tools BSTOBJ Olympic Bar Jacks Top View

8. Body-Solid Tools Olympic Bar Jack

The worst part of deadlifting is loading and unloading that bar, hands down. Use this olympic jack to make is a little less hassle. Never waste your energy again - save it for your PR attempt! 

Quickly, safely, and easily raise one side of your barbell off the floor to add or remove plates. Buy a pair and you can raise up the entire barbell at once!

Price: from $69.99

Shop the Body-Solid Olympic Bar Jacks

Body-Solid KBX Premium Training Kettlebells

9. Kettlebells

The jack of all trades. Strength training? Check. Cardio? Check. …Bodybuilding?!… CHECK! A kettlebell is more than just a ball of steel sitting in the corner of your gym.

A simple 35lber can whoop even the fittest of people. Our favorite is the Body-Solid KBX Premium Training Kettlebells.

Price: Varies by model and size

Shop Kettlebells

Ropeflex RX505 Hydra

10. Ropeflex RX505 Hydra Elite Rope Training Drum

An unconventional, overlooked, but highly effective piece of training equipment. The RX505 can be mounted to virtually anything (like your power rack!) with the included hardware clamp, or you can buy the adjustable rail and adapter that go with it to make it even more convenient.

Rope training is a nice change up to your workout routine that can help progress both your strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Price: $575

Learn More about the Ropeflex RX505 Hydra

Body-Solid FID46 Olympic Leverage Exercise Bench with Leg Developer

11. Body-Solid FID46 Adjustable Bench with Leg Developer

Every home gym needs an adjustable bench - this is not even a question in our minds. Now take that bench and make it even more versatile: that’s the Body-Solid FID46. It comes with a leg developer, standard giving you an easy option for leg training days with extensions and curls. For most home gym owners, the space that separate machines would take up make the FID46 the only option for them. It’s a customer favorite at Strength Warehouse.

Price: $488

View the Body-Solid FID46

Strength Warehouse USA Gift Card

12. Strength Warehouse USA Gift Card

Still not sure what to get? Do you have a loved one who is super particular about their equipment?

Buy a gift card and take out the guess work. Let them make the decision! A gift card a safe bet to ensure your loved one gets exactly what they need.

Buy A Gift Card