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Power Racks and Cages

A quality power rack is by far the most necessary piece to any gym. Essential for barbell workouts and other free weight exercises, power racks improve overall gym safety while keeping everything from bumper plates to barbells all in one place. Plus, they have bars overhead so you can perform pull-ups with ease.

Power racks for sale come in two specific styles:

  • Full Racks: This type of power rack gives you all-around protection. It’s a full cage that keeps your heavy weights contained no matter the situation. If you have space, definitely consider getting a full rack because it’ll allow you to lift heavy with maximum safety and offers the most benefits for your strength training.
  • Half Racks and Wall Mount Racks: These racks are ideal for saving space in your gym while offering similar advantages to a full rack. Half racks don’t have the backside vertical bars, keeping the horizontal safety bars rather short to accommodate a smaller surface area. Wall-mounted racks rarely have the horizontal bars at all, instead giving you a spot to rack your barbell when you’re done with your squats or standing military presses.

As for accessories, you’ll definitely want an olympic barbell complete with a set of weight plates. Some of the racks found below even come equipped with a lat pulldown / low row system tucked into the middle, creating a comprehensive workout station.

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