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Commercial Gym and Fitness Equipment

Are you looking for information on commercial fitness equipment? If so, you've come to the right place. Strength Warehouse USA offers a wide range of products suited for commercial gyms. Whether you're a small school looking for a few pieces of equipment or a large commercial facility, we have the right products for you.

Do I Need Commercial Gym Equipment?

There are many different types of facilities in which commercially rated fitness equipment should be used. These products are warranted to stand the trials, tribulations and rigorous use found in a commercial setting. You'll want to get it right the first time so you're not stuck looking to replace what you have a few years down the line.

It is recommend to have commercially rated products n a bunch of different markets. Here's a comprehensive, but not complete list:

  • Police and fire departments

  • Personal Training Studios

  • High school weight rooms

  • Colleges and universities

  • Hotels, apartments and multi-family housing

  • Physical therapy offices

  • Federal, local, or state government facilities

  • corporate fitness centers

  • YMCAs/JCCs

  • Private clubs

Of course, you can put commercial fitness equipment in your home gym too. It will last much longer and perform much better for you over time. However, this will come with a higher price tag than gym equipment rated for residential use only.

How to Choose Commercial Gym Equipment

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing what equipment to put into your gym. Here's a quick list of things to consider before you even look at what equipment should go into your facility: 

What are the goals of your clients?

Many commercial gyms have a broad range of equipment in them. They offer their clients many different options for cardio equipment, free weights, and machines. However, this will really depend on what you aspire your facility to accomplish.

The list of equipment needed for a crossfit gym will be much different than the needs of your general fitness facility. If you're a personal trainer with a specific offer for your clients, you better have the equipment to deliver on your promises as well.

Having an all-star gym starts with selecting the right equipment to meet the needs of your client.

What is your budget?

Now that you've though about a rough number of people that will be using your facility and what their goals are - it's time to think about your budget.

It's important to know what you are willing to spend on your facility before you start to decide what brand, style and amount of equipment you're going to look at. The budget you have to spend on your gym will be a major factor in the process of outfitting your facility.

How many people will be using the facility?

The number of people using the gym at any given time will affect the type and quantity of equipment needed to ensure that everyone has access to the equipment they need.

For example, a gym with a high daily user count may need to have multiple pieces of popular equipment, such as treadmills and weight machines, to accommodate the high demand. Conversely, a gym with a lower user count may be able to offer more specialized equipment, such as Olympic weightlifting platforms or rowing machines, since there will be less competition for the equipment.

How much space do you have, and are there any limitations?

When building out a gym, it is important to consider the available square footage, ceiling height, and shape of the space. A gym with limited space may have to prioritize equipment that can be easily moved or stored when not in use, while a larger gym can accommodate more specialized equipment such as a dedicated weightlifting area or cardio section.

Another important consideration is the layout of the space. A gym with limited square footage may benefit from a more compact layout with multi-functional equipment, while a larger space may benefit from a more spacious layout to provide ample room for equipment and training areas. Ceiling height is also important as some equipment, such as climbing ropes and overhead presses, require additional clearance.


What Brands Offer Commercial Gym Equipment?

Our wide ranging catalog of gym products might be difficult to navigate when looking to outfit your gym, so here's a list of brands to consider based on your type of facility.