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Steelflex Commercial Gym Equipment

The Steelflex name is derived from a simple phrase: "Steel Mind, Flex Body". It is their top principle and guides their product development!

Steelflex produces some of the industries top plate loaded and selectorized equipment. All Steelflex products are commercially rated, but that doesn't stop our customers from using them in their home or garage gyms!

Steelflex Plate Loaded Line

Our best selling units are in the Steelflex plate loaded line of products. Each unit is made with 11 gauge steel and 2" x 4" oval tubing. They have an electro-statically applied powder coat with the base frame of the unit being black and the independently moving arms being red. 

Each machine has industrial rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points and springs (where applicable) to make seat & weight arm adjustments quick and easy

    Click here to learn more about the Steelflex Plate Loaded line of products.

    Steelflex CLDCC Club Line Functional Trainer

    The Steelflex CLDCC Functional Trainer is in a category of its own. One of our best-selling product types, functional trainers pack an insane punch of versatility into a small home gym, space conscious footprint. 

    Steelflex Benches and Racks

    Steelflex also produces high quality squat racks, power cages, GHDs, weight benches and olympic press racks.

    The Steelflex CLPR380 Power Rack and NOPR multi-press rack are high-quality rack options that will meet all of your needs.

    Their olympic press racks carry the full range of independent flat bench, incline bench, decline bench and military press and shoulder press set-ups.

    Steelflex weight benches are available with plenty of options: flat bench, incline bench, fully adjustable FID, utility stool, and preacher curl bench.

    Don't neglect the biggest muscle group on your body - you're legs! Steelflex's NGHB Glute/Ham and NSS1 Sissy Squat will help take your lower body training to the next level.

    Steelflex Home Gyms

    The Steelflex MG (multi-gym) line are top quality all-in-one home gym systems. Their home gym systems are complete workout centers that maximize their footprint

    The MG100B is a complete single stack gym with a built-in VKR/Dip Station. The Steelflex MG200B adds a second stack with a built in leg press. The MG300B takes it one step further adding a 3rd weight stack with an adjustable cable column.

    Steelflex Jungle Gyms

    Steelflex's jungle gym series centers around their traditional JG2000 cable crossover and 4-stack compact center piece (JG4000S) complete with independent lat pulldown, low row, high pulley and adjustable cable column stations.

    The 5-stack JG5000S combines the 4-stack gym system with cable crossover by integrating the adjustable cable column at the core into the cable crossover system.

    With the 8-stack JG8000S you'll find two 4-stack systems with the cable crossover crossmember connecting the two for the complete multi-person, multi-use set up. 

    The are perfect for commercial facilities, personal training spaces or the home gym owner looking for that commercial gym feel. 

    Steelflex JG Series Selectorized Machines

    The newest line from Steelflex consists of selectorized machines with built in weight stacks. They have the same classic red and black frames as the plate loaded line that everyone has grown to love. 

    Steelflex Cardio Equipment

    Steelflex also has a complete commercial line of cardio equipment including bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and steppers.