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Muscle D Fitness Classic Line

The Classic Line by Muscle D Fitness features 18 selectorized stations that target every area of the body. The entire range is built around anatomically-correct motions with CAM pulleys that deliver ideal muscle resistance throughout each movement. Convergent motions accurately mirror the human body, ensuring muscles are correctly activated for maximum workout results.

These machines also offer an extended range of motion that includes both pre-stretch and contraction. This allows targeted muscles groups to be fully engagement which delivers a more effective and efficient exercise. Our Classic Line enables your members to get the most of their workouts so that they see results faster, and stay loyal for longer

Designed With Exercisers In Mind

Our Classic Line provides an effective workout for all key muscle groups. Each unit is designed to be easy-to-use, with instructional placards that explain exactly how to use the machine. These visual guides demonstrate the correct starting position, movement motion, and breathing technique.

Every machine can adapt to the wide range of member types who use them. With simple seat adjustments, rotating hand-grips, and varied weight increments, these units suit people of every size and strength capability. Thanks to the innovative pneumatic lift seating, the height can be adjusted whilst in the seated position for maximal convenience. Our precision bearings ensure that movements are smooth and fluid, making the machines even easier to use.

Highly Durable

Unlike many other strength ranges on the market, our Classic Line is engineered to be highly durable. The heavy-duty design means it can endure the demands of a busy gym environment. Made from commercial grade 11 gauge, 3mm steel, the CAM pulleys are extremely robust and precisely tuned.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials to create the best possible products. Along with commercial grade steel in our frames, we also use premium foam in our seating. This denser filling doesn’t compress after repeated use which means the seats stay firmer for longer. This attention to detail contributes to the Classic Line’s longer life span, and lower cost of maintenance.

Comprehensive Range

With 14 different units in the range, you’ll find one to suit every large muscle group. Our upper body machines include Shoulder Press, Seated Row, and highly popular Iso Lateral Chest Press. The Tricep Extension and Bicep Curl work opposing muscle groups, with Lat Pulldown and Side Lateral Raise delivering a balanced workout across the back and shoulders.

The Seated Leg Press targets the most muscle groups of all our lower body machines, with the Seated Leg Curl and Leg Extension providing more targeted activation. The Booty Blaster delivers an effective glute workout and is a firm favorite in many facilities. The range is completed with our selection of core units; the Back Extension, Abdominal Crunch, and Rotary Torso.

Ideal For Gyms, Health Clubs & Fitness Studios

Our single stack strength machines are ideal for commercial fitness environments that experience high volumes of usage. Their durability is perfectly suited to the demands of frequent usage, and simple operation will please beginners and experts alike.

All units have a protective shield guard feature to avoid anything getting caught in the weight stack. It’s also possible to upgrade and customize the stacks in line with your facility needs or décor. Browse the full range below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.