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Here's 5 Reasons A Kettlebell Is All You Need

5 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are the Only Workout Tools You Need

 The kettlebell -- one of the most revered and impressive workout tools in existence. If you’ve never worked out with a kettlebell, you’re definitely missing out; the kettlebell tackles a ton of your fitness needs and goals, providing an all-in-one wellness experience.

 Here are the top five reasons why getting yourself a few kettlebells is preferable to any other exercise equipment:

Reason #1 -  Kettlebells are Extremely Versatile

You want any workout equipment you buy to do more than its fair share. Kettlebells may seem overly simple and ineffective, but they’re nothing if not potently versatile. You can do a litany of different exercises with only your body weight and a set of three or four kettlebells. That’s it. We’ll go deeper into which exercises you can do in the following benefits, but it’s safe to say that kettlebells are really efficient.

Having such an efficient piece of workout equipment in your arsenal simplifies your training to the bare bones. You don’t need anything else -- just kettlebells -- and you can get a terrific full-body workout that hits all of your various biomarkers. And since they’re more cost-effective than other fitness tools (especially when you have to buy multiple pieces), this all-in-one workout tool is a budget-friendly total gym.

Last thing regarding versatility: Kettlebells are beginner-friendly. Anyone can pick up a kettlebell and, with proper training and form, build an impressive, functional physique. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re too easy for those advanced lifters and fitness gurus. Far from it. Those with years of experience can be left panting and sore from a kettlebell-only workout. They’re spectacular for progressive overload, which is how you get bigger, stronger, faster, and last longer.

Reason #2 - Kettlebells Improve Power Better Than Other Workout Equipment

Kettlebells are inherently power-centric. Movements such as the kettlebell swing, thrusters, the clean and press, and the snatch involve immense amounts of power and speed. You’re not just doing the exercise; you’re exploding through it.


This is especially true for your hips and other hingeing body parts. You go from one position to another with as much drive as possible. This helps you develop hip power and speed, which translates directly to sports and other athletic endeavors. And the power you achieve from other full-body movements make you quicker, along with strength behind that quickness.

Reason #3 - Cardio, Strength, Mobility, and Stability Are All Enhanced by Kettlebells

That’s right: Not only can kettlebells work your entire body, but they can also work the entire spectrum of health and wellness. Kettlebells are ideal for cross-training purposes:

  • They provide a great non-running cardio alternative. By implementing kettlebell exercises in a HIIT circuit, your VO2 max and heart rate variability will improve. (These are vital biomarkers associated with overall cardiovascular health.)
  • Along with cardio comes high amounts of caloric burning. Armed with a kettlebell and your body weight, you can burn over ten calories per minute. This rate can seriously add up when you hit the 30-minute, 45-minute, hour-long markers. And when you burn this many calories, it adds to the bottom line for your caloric deficit… which means quicker, more intense fat loss.
  • They increase your joint range of motion, mobility, and flexibility. The motions that come with kettlebell movements invoke a full range of motion, getting your joints, ligaments, and muscles to stretch to their absolute limits. This keeps your body loose and limber, which helps you remain free of injury.
  • Of course, a weighted exercise gives you better strength and increased lean muscle. If you focus on progressively overloading the volume you put on your body, you will get stronger and build up your body composition. Plus, kettlebell swings give you a stronger posterior chain, leading to better posture and increased longevity.
  • All kettlebell exercises demand an engaged core. This means better core stability for everything you do in life.
  • BONUS! Enhanced grip strength from holding the kettlebell, a feature that translates to better overall life and lifting experience.

Reason #4 - Kettlebells Increase Functional Fitness

If you have muscular imbalances, it’s best to use multiplanar exercises to boost your body’s functionality and balance. Multiplanar exercises are movements that put your muscles, skeletal muscle, joints, and ligaments through various planes of motion. Kettlebell movements are typically multiplanar. With this, your muscles work together in the way nature intended, which of course means better functional fitness.

By improving muscle imbalances and functionality, you protect your joint and muscle health. Not only that, but kettlebells help with rehabbing injuries you may already have. So you can recover from an injury AND strengthen any imbalances from said injury. This creates a stronger, healthier body for you to perform your best.

Reason #5 - Kettlebells are Easy to Store, Portable, Safe, and Simple to Use

Kettlebells take up zero space. They are compact and portable, allowing you to carry them and use them anywhere you go.

It’s also a low-risk, high-reward piece of equipment. It’s safer and more effective than other workout equipment, and they don’t demand an entire room for your gym space. And, again, they’re the most versatile workout tool on the planet.

All of these advantages remove most barriers to entry when you’re building a fitness routine. You have no excuse not to work out. They’re there, they’re simple to use, they’re small and can travel, they can be used anywhere in the world. This will lead to more workouts completed, which obviously helps you out in the long run.

You want an impressive physique and athletic ability, right? Well, kettlebells are the answer to ensuring you achieve your fitness goals.


Kettlebells are fantastic, no doubt about it. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder why many athletes and fitness professionals utilize kettlebells in their regular workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some versatile, functional, portable kettlebells now and see -- and feel -- the difference.


Looking for more? 

Here are some of our favorite videos about kettlebells!


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