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Ice Barrel Cold Therapy Training Tool

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Ice Barrel Cold Therapy Training Tool

Looking to take your fitness game up a notch with great recovery? Ice Barrel is here to help!

The Ice Barrel is the perfect way to ease into a cold therapy routine. This portable cold therapy tool is perfect for athletes of all levels. With its simple design and lightweight construction makes the Ice Barrel easy to use and just as effective as other, more expensive options.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to relax and focus or want to improve your performance, Ice Barrel has you covered.

The mental discipline and physiological changes you get from sitting in cold water can’t be beaten, and the vertical design of the Ice Barrel is much simpler, safer, and more enjoyable than lying down in a bath or metal trough.

Fill it with water and ice, take a plunge, and see what you can achieve!


Cold therapy training has been shown to have a number of amazing benefits. All of these can be tapped in to with just 5-10 minutes of Ice Barrel use.

Dealing with Pain Management and Inflammation

If you're in pain, cold therapy will help by both reducing swelling and desensitizing the nerves around your pain area for short term relief.

One study shows that "cold‐water immersion reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise compared with passive interventions involving rest or no intervention". Localized inflammation from training or injury is reduced with cold therapy by reducing edema.

Systemic inflammation is also reduced by hormonal changes brought on from stimulation of the Vagus nerve complex.

Effects on Mood, Depression and Anxiety

Cold therapy is not just good for athletes and fitness minded people. It can seriously benefit every single person that tries it. A recent study has shown that it is useful to reduce mental health deterioration, and can be beneficial for overall well-being and quality of life.

Research indicates that people with depressive symptoms typically have inflammatory markers and cold therapy significantly improves both the systemic inflammation and depression and anxiety symptoms. Cold therapy is a non-pharmaceutical supporting therapy.

Increase Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the measure of time between your heart beats. It is a direct indicator of physical and psychological stress. A low HRV means poor recovery times.

Cold therapy helps reduces your overall stress and can impact your HRV positively, increasing your recovery.


  • Each Ice Barrel is made to hold 105 gallons of water and designed with size in mind. It's most ideal for people under 6'6" and 250lbs.
  • The easy-to-use drainage system is perfect for keeping your Ice Barrel fresh. It's recommended to change the water at least once a month.
  • The Ice Barrel is 55lbs when empty, meaning it's light and easy to move. When filled with 80 gallons, it's about 750lbs.
  • Every Ice Barrel is Made in the USA! They're manufactured in Ohio from recycled materials.
  • Ice Barrel is 42" high x 31" wide, and the top opening is 25" wide

Ice Barrel in Backyard


Ice Barrel includes everything you need for a life changing experience.

Ice Barrel + Lid

Ice Barrel + Lid

Ice Barrel Stand

Barrel Stand

Ice Barrel UV Cover

Protective UV Cover

Ice Barrel Steps

Step Stool

Not included is the Ice Barrel maintenance kit. We highly recommend adding it for just $129.99!


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