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Flex Wheeler's Back Widow OG

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The Back Widow OG Multi Purpose Weightlifting Accessory by Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler's Back Widow is a versatile weight lifting accessory that functions as a cable machine attachment, a bar jack, and a landmine accessory. The Back Widow is designed to help you get the most out of your workout by providing a wide range of exercises that can be performed with it, while maintaining a compact, space-saving design.

The cable machine attachment allows you to perform rows, pulldowns, curls, tricep pressdowns and other exercises with a variety of different settings.

As a landmine attachment, you can perform presses, squats, rows to maximize your training versatility. And finally as a bar jack, make loading and unloading your deadlifts easier than ever.

With the Back Widow, you can get a comprehensive workout that will help you build strength, muscle mass, and improve your overall fitness.

Eliminate the HASSLE of fumbling around with different cable handles & barbell accessories. Decrease the amount of storage needed for your attachments. Save space with the all-in-one Back Widow! 

Why YOU Want the Back Widow OG

1. It's Super Versatile

You can change the grip length without having to move the Back Widow from the piece of equipment you're using it on. This is awesome for super sets or just getting different angle work in.

The Back Widow OG features multiple grips for high, mid, and low range cable pulls and t-bar rows. The Back Widow can also be used with cables for biceps and triceps. 

2. It's Strong!

It can hold the heaviest of weights. Use as deadlift bar jack and load your plates on the bar with ease.

3. It's Easy To Carry

The Back Widow collapses for easy gym storage. No more looking around the gym for that one bar. Back Widow is it, and it fits right in your gym bag.

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