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Muscle D Fitness Power Leverage Line

The Muscle D Fitness Power Leverage range features 22 plate-loaded units – one of the most extensive lines in the world. The iso-lateral machines offer complete muscle contraction, along with units featuring fully convergent motions on push exercises, and divergent motions on pull exercises. Designed with biomechanics and muscular activation in mind, they’ll meet the needs of even the most experienced and demanding strength expert.

Pillow block bearings are used throughout the range to ensure a motion that’s 100% free of friction. This simulates the experience of training with dumbbells, yet with the safest movement possible. The safety of exercisers is of paramount importance, which is why we use a uniframe base that makes each unit rigid, solid, and stable.

Ideal For Gyms With Advanced Strength Members Or Athletes

Our power leverage range delivers the highest standards of strength training for your members. The design ensures muscles are fully contracted during each movement, so every workout is as effective as possible. Converging and diverging movements mirror how the human body moves in real life (which isn’t in straight lines). This delivers a workout that’s strong on both form and function.

Our manufacturing processes and material selection place an emphasis on durability. The units in our power leverage range are all designed to withstand the everyday demands of a commercial facility. Not only will they meet your operational needs, but also be a hit with advanced strength specialist and sports athletes who have high expectations from equipment.

An Extensive Range That Meets Varied Training Needs

The power leverage range features 22 different units to meet the varied training needs of your membership base. Upper body machines include the Seated Arm Curl, Iso-Lateral Lat Pulldown, and Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press. We offer a selection of rowing motion machines including the Leverage Row, Iso-Lateral Row, and Iso-Lateral Low Row. The range also offers three iso-lateral chest options; the Iso-Lateral Wide Chest Press, Iso-Lateral Incline Chest Press, and Iso-Lateral Chest Press.

Lower body machines include the V Squat, Leg Extension, and Kneeling Leg Curl. We offer three units to specifically target the calves; Incline Calf Raise, Seated Calf, and Standing Calf Raise. The ever-popular Leverage Leg Press and Booty Shaper complete the lower body range.

All the machines have storage plate holders built-in which helps to keep your facility tidy and minimize trip hazards. Browse the full selection of power leverage machines below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.