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Chest & Shoulder Press Machines

Chest Press, Bench Press and Shoulder Press Machines

Chest press, bench press and shoulder press machines are some of the most effective pieces of equipment for building up your upper body. Most chest and shoulder press machines. are available in two different style - selectorized (with a weight stack built in) or leverage press (where you load free weights as needed). 

Chest press (also known as bench press machines) are created to model a free weight bench press motion in most instances. You will find regular flat bench machines, chest press machines, incline press machines and decline press machines. 

If you are looking for a traditional bench press rack, we have them on another page - please click this link: Olympic Bench Press Racks

Shoulder press machines a more limited in style and options than bench press machines. Shoulder press machines focus on targeting the deltoid muscle to help build strong shoulders.

If you're looking for a traditional barbell military press rack or shoulder press rack - please click this link: Olympic Shoulder and Military Press Racks

There are also combination chest and shoulder press machines where the press arms have multiple different settings to help target the muscle group of you choosing. These can be a great option if you're looking to save space while maximizing the versatility of your machines and floor space. 

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